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Muntjac tend to be most active and sighted at dawn and dusk, but can be seen at all times of the day.

Calling can be effective all day, so allows you to observe, stalk, photograph and enjoy Muntjac, at all times. Most effective times observed are dawn and dusk, as with most deer activity patterns.

Your position is important – try to ensure you are downwind of the deer, keeping a solid backdrop to your position will also help.

Muntjac are often effectively called using a Roe call such as the Butollo Blatter and the Butollo Reed .

Calling Muntjac can often be quite dramatic with the animals closing your position quickly and showing a lot of interest in you and your call!

Recommended Products

Buttolo Blatter
Buttolo Blatter – The ‘Best’ known deer call


The Buttolo Blatter is the easiest call to master, imitating the calls of a Roe doe with deadly accuracy.
The Blatter is also effective on Muntjac.
We certainly think its the best Roe call on the market.

Hear the Call Now

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Nordik Roe
Nordik Roe

Nordik Roe, Blown Roe call with two different sounds.

Hear the Call Now – Top Band

Hear the Call Now – Bottom Band

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Buttolo Reed Call
Buttolo Reed Call


Buttolo bring us their reed caller, with two sounds – fiep and the kitz. The ideal ally for Roe and Muntjac calling.

Hear the Call Now – Black Reed

Hear the Call Now – Clear Reed

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Hubertus Cherrywood Roe Call
Hubertus Cherrywood Roe Call

The Hubertus Cherrywood Roe Call is one of the best manual calls available, simple to use and compact to store.

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