The art of calling deer is as old as man vs deer. Hiding himself in dense undergrowth and imitating the call has been something that man has developed over time. Best Deer Call is here to bridge that gap, helping the hunter imitate the calls that the quarry species wants to hear.

In the UK the common misconception is that only Roe bucks and occasional inquisitive Muntjac can be called, whereas the reality is that all UK deer can be tricked into believing there is something worth investigating, just across in the next ride!

A well concealed stalker, or a stalker in a high seat can have many happy hours observing deer with manual calls and electronic calls alike.

Much like calling foxes we rely on instinct in the art of calling deer. The difference being with deer, we rely on the mating and sometimes maternal instinct, as well as a dose of curiosity, rather than the predatory instinct with the fox.


  • Keep still! There are eyes everywhere, as with any stalking.
  • Be aware of your species, a doe might come to look out for a distressed fawn, if you are trying to imitate such a call.
  • Calls can often stop a transiting deer long enough to observe or despatch it, so be ready and equipped for whichever outcome you wish.