Fallow deer on a white backgroundFallow, as a herding species, tend to be big, heavy, ground holding bucks, with the most dominant bucks holding their “rutting stand” at all costs. They bellow out warnings and roars, both to move on likely challengers, but to express that they are ready to mate, holding the stand ready to cover their harem of does.

The clash of antlers and the roar of the fallow can be heard all around, and this gives us the opportunity to call them out. Using the Faulhaber Stag call, very effectively, can prove a skill. In fact coverage of the 2015 Deer calling championships… yes a real event! … shows the Faulhaber Stag as the favourite amongst the deer calling pros!

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Faulhaber Stag Call Open
Faulhaber Stag Call


This stag megaphone allows you to replicate the roars of the Red stag and the belches and grunts of a Fallow buck.

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Hubertus Stag Call
Hubertus Stag Call

The creme de la creme of stag and buck callers, for roaring to the Reds and grunting to the Bucks.

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The Dialect Fallow Deer Grunt
The Dialect Fallow Deer Grunt

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The All in One Dialect Deer Grunt Call

Hear the call

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