Roe are by far the most widely called UK resident deer, mainly due to the excitement, accessibility and the ease of some of the Roe call sounds.

Most stalkers have seen or attempted calling Roe Bucks in and around the rut in late July early August, often with dramatic and almost magnetic effects.

The widely popular Butollo Blatter has been proven time and time again as the most user friendly option for calling Roe, but we offer various options. The Nordik Roe and the Butollo Reed calls both offer very good alternatives, and as they are mouth calls, allow you to personalise the call to suit your style.

Recommended Products

Buttolo Blatter
Buttolo Blatter – The ‘Best’ known deer call


The Buttolo Blatter is the easiest call to master, imitating the calls of a Roe doe with deadly accuracy.
The Blatter is also effective on Muntjac.
We certainly think its the best Roe call on the market.

Hear the Call Now

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Nordik Roe
Nordik Roe

Nordik Roe, Blown Roe call with two different sounds.

Hear the Call Now – Top Band

Hear the Call Now – Bottom Band

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Buttolo Reed Call
Buttolo Reed Call


Buttolo bring us their reed caller, with two sounds – fiep and the kitz. The ideal ally for Roe and Muntjac calling.

Hear the Call Now – Black Reed

Hear the Call Now – Clear Reed

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Hubertus Cherrywood Roe Call
Hubertus Cherrywood Roe Call

The Hubertus Cherrywood Roe Call is one of the best manual calls available, simple to use and compact to store.

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Take a look at this video from Ian Harford on Roe Buck Stalking and the kit that he likes to carry…