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Have you got the energy?

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If you’re already a stalker with your own rifle, then are you compliant with the law?

Is your calibre and ammunition choice deer legal in England and Wales?

Does your rifle and ammunition choice meet the requirements of the deer act?
Do you chrono your homeloads to ensure you are legal?

All of these factors come into play when considering despatching deer with a rifle.

In England and Wales your rifle needs to have a calibre of not less than .240… so in practical terms the majority see .243 as the first deer legal calibre available. However, you ammunition choice is critical, as it must have a muzzle energy of no less than 1700ft/lbs. Both of these criteria must be met to remain compliant.
(Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer may be culled with a minimym .220 and a muzzle energy of 1000 ft/lbs. You must use a bullet weight of not less than 50grains).

If you were to chronograph your rifle and get an average speed, the formula for working out ft/lbs of said rifle with said ammunition is as follows…

(Velocity x Velocity x Bullet Weight) divided by 450240

As long as the calculated ft/lbs are equal to or greater than 1700ft/lbs, you are compliant.

Use our calculator below to check your load data…

Deer Initiative Best Practice Guideline on Firearms Legislation