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Deer Seasons

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The seasons for deer in the UK are generally based on the breeding cycle of the particular species. They are set apart to allow the culling of animals whilst having the least impact on the health and survival of the population. This means therefore that the ideal animal to cull is not necessarily the first one to walk out in front of a stalker, in the first hour of the first day of the open season.

Your ideal cull plan should take into account factors such as woodland conservation, crop devastation and road traffic collisions. Under some circumstances, the situation may dictate that a zero tolerance to deer should be taken. However, population conservation is key to protecting a healthy deer populous for future generations. The ideal population number for deer is determined by many factors, but the habitat and how many it can support is key. There must be a reliable food source, and sufficient space for the numbers present. During the rutting periods, deer populations become much less tolerable of other family units, and therefore the weaker units will be expelled by the prime candidates.

Culling in and around the rut is a very interesting topic, many stalkers, mainly the recreational, will enjoy getting out for the thrill of stalking the rut. The reward they get is witnessing prime health animals in a high intensity, majestic battle for the right to dominate the females of the area. Being able to pit your wits against these animals by imitating their natural calls is something that some also find very exciting. The damage caused by rutting, wallowing and the like, can be catastrophic to woodland and crops, which leads to Interestingly,

Did you know the UK Chinese Water Deer seasons are the same for bucks and does? The season is set to allow for the does to give birth to their young, and allow their offspring to develop independence. Due to the difficulty in differentiating between the genders, the season is established on the same dates.