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Buttolo Blatter – The ‘Best’ known deer call



The Buttolo Blatter is the easiest call to master, imitating the calls of a Roe doe with deadly accuracy.
The Blatter is also effective on Muntjac.
We certainly think its the best Roe call on the market.

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Buttolo Blatter, the go to UK Roe Call.

The Buttolo Blatter is the simplest way to imitate the calls of Roe does.

The call is easy to master in one hand and is fantastic for beginners, introducing them to the principles of calling and the thrill of close deer encounters.

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Calling with the fiep, replicates the sound of a doe, as she calls out to the buck to come and assess their potential as suitors.  This is a highly proven and effective sound to bring a bucks towards you. To use take the rubber ball in your hand and use your thumb to press the bulb. Even a slight pressure is sufficient to produce the most natural mating calling of a Roe doe.

The Buttolo Blatter also generates the “geschrei” sound. This relies on the master buck hearing it, and should be used with caution. The sound replicates a doe pairing up with another buck, and brings the master buck crashing in to deter the other bucks efforts. This call is generated by pressing through to the bottom of the bulb.

This call is also very effective on Muntjac throughout the year.

Using the “fiep” of the Buttolo Blatter will also prey on the curiosity of Muntjac, a very effective method of calling them. The Bucks tend to be very curious in and around their territory, stay out of sight, remain still, and call in short, sporadic bursts. It adds a whole new aspect to Deer stalking.

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