See how our deer stalkers kit themselves out?

Brent Norbury


      • Location: Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland
      • Favourite stalking spot: Galloway Hills
      • Most used rifle/cal: Tikka T3 6.5×55

Calls Used:

Nordik Roe, Faulhaber Stag call and Nordik hind.

Kit used:

  • Sako 156gr Hammerhead
  • Meopta scope 3-12×50
  • Aimsport moderator
  • Zeiss 8x45RF binoculars
  • Vorn equipment rucksack.

How long have you been stalking: 7 years.

How did you get into stalking? I was first introduced to deer stalking when I was 13 years old but it wasn’t until I was 17 when I moved to Scotland my interest begun.

Other shooting interests: Fox calling, Moose hunting, wild-fowling and rough shooting.

Calvin Beck (CJBDeer)

      • Location: Wiltshire, UK
      • Favourite stalking spot: Scottish Highlands
      • Most used rifle/cal: SavageArms AccuStalker .243 Win

Calls Used:

Buttolo Blatter, Hubertus Cherrywood

Kit used:

  • Zeiss Binoculars
  • Zeiss Duralyt 3-12×50 Scope
  • Seeland Decoy Quad Sticks
  • IcoTec GC500 Electronic Call

How long have you been stalking:15 years

How did you get into stalking? I was first introduced to Deer Stalking when working in forestry and helping out the deer managers.

Other shooting interests:Rough shooting, Wildfowling, Fox Calling.

Emma Perrott


      • Location: Gwent, South Wales
      • Favourite stalking spot: South Shropshire
      • Most used rifle/cal: Ruger .243

Calls Used:

Buttolo Blatter

Kit used:

  • Sako .243 90gr Gamehead
  • Zeiss Diatal scope 8×56
  • Macctecc V2 Moderator
  • Swarovski 8.5x42EL Binoculars


How long have you been stalking: I got involved specifically in deer stalking five years ago. After gaining experience and knowledge from my father and keeper friends I have been stalking in my own right for a few years.

How did you get into stalking? My Father introduced me to shooting, hunting and stalking at a very young age. As I got older, my interest and knowledge grew. Shooting and Stalking is now a big part of my life.

Other shooting interests: Foxing, Wild-Fowling, Wood Pigeon Shooting, Game Shooting, Beating & Picking up

Ryan Brentnall (Devon Deerstalking)

Ryan Brentnall Best Deer Call Prostaff

      • Location: Somerset/Devon
      • Favourite stalking spot:Woodland
      • Most used rifle/cal:Tikka T3x 300 Win Mag

Calls Used:

Buttolo Blatter, Buttolo Reed, Nordik Roe, Faulhaber stag call

Kit used:

  • Harkila Pro Hunter X
  • Swarovski 7×42 slc
  • Swarovski 30×75
  • Schmidt & bender 2.5-10×56
  • 3HGR sling
  • Viper-flex quads stick with go-low
  • Wild game trail cams
  • Mike Mcnally custom knife
  • And my GWP

How long have you been stalking: 15 years

How did you get into stalking? I was introduced to deerstalking at 13 by a family friend and continue from there to be in business with him at Somerset deer stalking
Other shooting interests: Fox calling and Plains Game hunting in Africa

Scott an Sionnach (Scott the Fox)

      • Location:Isle of Skye, Hebrides
      • Favourite stalking spot:Skye
      • Most used rifle/cal:Howa .270

Calls Used:

Buttolo Blatter, Scott the Fox Custom Roe call, my hands for Stags.

Kit used:

  • Traditional Hill stalking rifle slip
  • Deer drag
  • Swarovski Binoculars
  • Three draw telescope
  • Richard Eadon knives

How long have you been stalking:25 years

How did you get into stalking?I’ve been a full time gamekeeper and stalker since I was 15.

Other shooting interests:Walked up Woodcock and Grouse shooting, Fox calling.