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Viper-Flex Wide Angle Cradle Kit


Viper-Flex brings you even more versatility with a wide angle cradle kit, allowing you to engage targets across an even wider arc!

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Viper-Flex Wide Angle Cradle Kit, the perfect addition for increased flexibility, espcecially suited to high vegetation areas, perfect for summer stalking…

Viper-Flex sticks bring great versatility with the front cradle giving you the option to track your target laterally whilst keeping your sticks still…

I want to be able to engage targets without moving my sticks..?

Here is the solution!

Wide angle extends your arc, giving you three rifle butt options and a wider front cradle, allowing you to track the target even further, whilst keeping the sticks firmly in one place.

An easy addition, simply undo the current cradles and remove, then simply drop in place the Wide angle cradles and bolt back together. It couldn’t be easier to upgrade you Viper-Flex Elite or Journey model sticks.

Giving you three options for where to place your rifle stock increases the angles at which you can engage targets. The increased front cradle also allows for a wider tracking angle, meaning your sticks stay still for longer, giving you more time to focus on the target, ensuring a humane shot placement.


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