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Trespade No 8 Stainless Steel Electric Mincer


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For a long time we’ve been using everyday household manual and electric mincers.. after a fair few of them weren’t up to the job, we went Italian!

The Trespade No 8 Stainless Steel Electric Mincer is our go to electric mincer. This electric mincer has proved to be really popular with both home users and small restaurants earning a reputation for being reliable and efficient workhorse that will last for years. Ideal for making batches of mince, sausages, burgers or even paté.

It will mince a range of meat including Pork, Game, Lamb, Beef or Venison with ease. This little workhorse will mince around 10kgs of meat in approximately 10-15 minutes.

With two mincing plates in the box, this electric mincer gives you the option to mince a coarse or a finer mince. By using the fine plate, you can also produce the mince fine enough to paté.

Whilst there are dedicated sausage makers available, the No 8 Stainless Steel comes with 2 sausage nozzles included. These give you the option to make Chipolata or Cumberland size sausages, and provide endless hours of entertainment while you perfect your recipe and sausage stuffing technique.

It is easy to dismantle and clean and will fit easily into the bottom section of a standard kitchen cupboard. This is the mincer assembly to go for if you want to clean your machine in the dishwasher. We know that the price is not to be sniffed at… so, if you want to pull on your marigolds and don’t mind hand washing your electric mincer chute, we do offer a budget friendly option, the Trespade No.8 EL Young Electric Mincer. This one has a cast iron chute assembly, so doesn’t take well to the dishwasher.

Using the No.8 Stainless Steel Electric Mincer for mincing meat…

This electric mincer will deal with pretty much any meat you throw at it, pork, lamb, venison, beef, game, poultry, it doesn’t matter.
It also, couldn’t be simpler. From our findings prep your meat before mincing, the smaller the chunk, the easier your machine is working, with mechanical sympathy in mind, chunk your meat down and preserve the life of the motor and bearings.

Ensure you have the blade and mincing plate that you require installed.
Start the mincer.
Load the feed chute with care, keeping hands clear of the chute, and use the provided “stuffing bat” (not the official name for them I’m sure) to press the chunks into the chute.
Stand back and admire your mice pouring out of your No.8 Stainless Steel Electric Mincer.

Enjoy using the mince for cooking loads of different dishes… or… look below for advice on sausage stuffing.

Using the No.8 Stainless Steel Electric Mincer for making sausages…

Take the meat you’ve minced in the step above, add your chosen seasonings, breadcrumbs, spices etc to make it to your taste.
Mix well.
Remove the plate and knife part from the electric mincer.
Ensure you have the larger gauge 16mm plate fitted into the electric mincer.
Put one of the sausage nozzles onto the front of the outlet pipe and fit the screw on ring back on.
Install your chosen casings onto the nozzle leaving about an inch hanging over the end, then put the sausage meat back through the mincer to fill into the casings.

Watch the video…

Geeky tech bits… the No.8 Stainless Steel Electric Mincer stats…

– Weight: 8.5 kg

– Dimensions: 39.5×34.6×16.5 cm

– Motor power: 300 W (0.40HP)

– Worm revolutions per minute: 160 RPM