Sika Seeker


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The Best Deer Call Sika Seeker… the first call of it’s kind, specifically designed for Sika stag calling.

These calls are handmade for us exclusively, tried and tested to be effective with Sika deer, if we don’t use it, we won’t sell it!

The Sika Seeker is best used for calling Sika stags around the rut (Mid Sept to the end of November… ish).

The call has a bite reed, so clamp down near the tip of the call and blow gently. Whilst exhaling, gently release the pressure on the mouth piece to generate the prolonged whistles of the mysterious Sika stag. Practice makes perfect as with all calling, just down practice out on your hunting ground too much!

Remember that this call is designed for use with rutting stags, so be cautious about when and where you use it. Be prepared for a stag to approach at pace, and he will often try to stand his ground if he becomes visual with you, stamping his feet and snorting to let you know he doesn’t want you there.

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