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Z-Aim Pro-Stalker Rifle Sling

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Designed in Sweden, the Z-Aim Sling is probably the most secure, comfortable sling money can by – and at only £33 delivered, it's not going to break the bank either.

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What is the best rifle sling for stalking?

We believe we’ve found it!

The Z-Aim Pro-Stalker Sling, designed in Sweden, is probably the most secure, comfortable sling money can by – and at only £33 delivered, it’s not going to break the bank either.

The unique additional strap attaches to the rifle stock and clips to the sling across your chest holding your rifle steady and secure, as well as taking most of the weight.

Its quick and easy to adjust and benefits from a non-slip system, so you once set up, you know it will fit every time.

See our demo here…

The Z-aim Pro-Stalker positions your rifle in a stable and firm position on your back keeping both hands free to concentrate on calling, crawling, clambering or climbing. It’s even steady enough to have your rifle on your back whilst gralloching, if you had the need!

The shoulder strap is of 11 mm thick and 65 mm broad Neoprene with ends of real leather. This allows the rifle weight to be carried comfortably, with minimal fatigue, keeping you ready for that all important shot.

The Z-aim Pro-Stalker is a top quality product; made of UV resistant, cold proof material. All sling straps and endings are reinforced with cross-stitching to reach maximum possible strength. Also, no metal components are used which in turn avoids any unnecessary noise.

The Z-aim Pro-stalker is extremely lightweight and in our opinion, a simply superb and innovative piece of kit that will be money well spent.

Note: You will require 2 x 1″ Quick Release Swivels to attach the sling to your rifle.
Supplied with or without a set of 1″ Jack Pyke QD Swivels.
Price includes standard delivery within the UK.

1 review for Z-Aim Pro-Stalker Rifle Sling

  1. Karl Bird

    One of the best bits of kit I have purchased! Fantastic way of carrying a rifle – even muzzle down which some slings struggle with. The additional strap allows hassle free stalking, allowing glassing or doing other tasks with no fear of the rifle slipping off the shoulder, with or without a rucksack on, a very simple addition. The additional strap also doubles as a carcass carrier – genius! Well built, quality components adds to the great design.

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