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What can I use to call Sika?

Nordik Sika is a novel and unique deer call from Sweden.

It is especially developed to imitate the call of the Sika stag, as it whistles out its mating call! A true spectacle to witness, and now you can recreate it!

The call of a Sika Stag is unique, and those that have witnessed this whistling sound will admit, it sends chills down your spine.

How do I use the Nordik Sika Call?

Expand the lower part of the call and place the mouthpiece between your lips and exhale.
Calling Sika deer during the rut, start to blow softly into the call, growl, and then soft again, carefully change to blow hard to reach a high pitched whistling noise. Vary the tones and the timings between calls to create a natural and sporadic sound.

For best result, open and close your hands in front of the call for a more authentic sound. Try not to blow any saliva into the mouthpiece, it makes for messy calling, and starts to hamper the sound after a little while.

Call around three times then wait for a response. If you hear a deer calling back, adjust your next calling sequence to respond to the deer. Sometimes though, Sika will not always vocally respond, but will still move towards you, stay sharp and if you’re on the ground, keep an eye for that rutting stag approaching!


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