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Nordik Roe, Blown Roe call with two different sounds.

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Is there a call for all Roe deer? The Nordik Roe provides all you might need…

The Nordik Roe manual call is considered by many to be one of the best Roe calls available.

The call comes pre-tuned and will equip you with all the calls and pitches required to successfully call Roe. The fiep the kitz and the geschrei are all produced using the Nordik Roe call.

Calling out with the fiep sound, replicates the sound of a doe, as she calls out to the buck to come and assess their potential as suitors.  This is a highly proven and effective sound to bring a bucks towards you. To use take the rubber ball in your hand and use your thumb to press the bulb. Even a slight pressure is sufficient to produce the most natural mating calling of a Roe doe.

The kitz call works on the basis that a doe leaves her followers somewhere while she goes to see her buck. The kitz sound is the sound of the follower panicking as it hears a predator or something it is unsure about. This then brings the doe running back, closely followed by the buck.

Nordik Roe also generates the “geschrei” sound. This relies on the master buck hearing it, and should be used with caution. The sound replicates a doe pairing up with another buck, and brings the master buck crashing in to deter the other bucks efforts. This call is generated by pressing through to the bottom of the bulb.

How do I use the Nordik Roe Call

You simply move the rubber band between the notches on the call to change the sound as required.

Bite the rubber band between your teeth or lips and blow, play around with air pressure until you find the sound you want. There are example audio clips next to the “Add to Cart” at the top of this page.

The Nordik Roe Call call has a double sound board to help you control the volume, and for a quieter sound, simply cover the large hole on the underside of the call with your thumb.

ProStaff Brent Norbury tells us the Best Deer Call tactics for using the Nordik Roe

1 review for Nordik Roe

  1. Tom Sanderson

    A little harder to master after using a Buttolo Blatter for years, but once you get the hang of it, the sound is more realistic in my opinion.

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