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Hubertus Stag Call


The creme de la creme of stag and buck callers, for roaring to the Reds and grunting to the Bucks.

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Our two piece wooden Stag/Buck caller. The creme de la creme of stag calls as used by the finalists in the European deer calling championships.

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Used to replicate the roar of a Red stag and also for grunting Fallow bucks.

Using this call is easy with a little time spent familiarising yourself with the calls your need to reproduce and finding your technique. A low grumbling roar produces best results with Red deer, the lower the better, as the lower you are, the more interest you will create. The same applies to Fallow bucks, the deeper you get the better. This relies on the theory that the deeper you are the more mature/sizeable stag/buck you are.

The caller itself will add the resonance and extra vibrations needed to make the stag call seem more realistic. The wooden parts and two part design assist you in creating different tones and notes, and allows you to vary the stag call during each session of calling.




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