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Faulhaber Stag Call



This stag megaphone allows you to replicate the roars of the Red stag and the belches and grunts of a Fallow buck.

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Faulhaber Stag Call… Ideal pocket sized trumpet call for calling Red and Fallow deer

The Faulhaber Stag call is used to call in Red Stags and Fallow Bucks, raising their interest from their rutting stands, and bringing them closer to you.

The deeper and more dominant you can make your call, the higher the chance of you having a deer come to challenge you. The Faulhaber Stag Call will let you get that extra depth and volume you require.
Both of our trumpet calls rely on you learning to roar or belch like a Red or a Fallow, with practice, you will find your own style, but here are some examples…

This video is from the stag calling championships, showcasing two of our products… the Faulhaber Stag call and the Hubertus Stag Call found here Hubertus Stag

A lightweight, 3 section, trumpet call…

Hours of fun practicing your rutting roar just like Brent here from Brent Norbury Hunting

A highly effective method of calling Red and Fallow deer, you wont find a call that generates a realistic Red deer Roar, but for Fallow deer, you may also want to have a look at our Fallow Buck Grunt.

Roaring is most common in the dawn and dusk periods. Red hinds are attracted to the stag that roars the most and the loudest, and other stags will want to compete with the stag they deem the most dominant over their harem.

Use wisely as this call can produce spectacular results in a short space of time, and these deer can move at some serious speeds to try and reach your location.


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