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Buttolo Reed Call

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Buttolo bring us their reed caller, with two sounds – fiep and the kitz. The ideal ally for Roe and Muntjac calling.

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The Buttolo Reed Call is a two tone call designed generate the “fiep” and the “kitz” sound…

How do I call deer with the Buttolo Reed Caller?

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Calling with the fiep, replicates the sound of a doe, as she calls out to the buck to come and assess their potential as suitors. This is a highly proven and effective sound to bring a buck towards you. Using the “fiep” of the Buttolo Reed Call will also prey on the curiosity of Muntjac, a very effective method of calling them.

The second sound avialable is the “kitz” which works on the basis that a doe leaves her followers somewhere while she goes to see her buck. The kitz sound is the sound of the follower panicking as it hears a predator or something it is unsure about. This then brings the doe running back, closely followed by the buck.

This call is used by blowing through it. Lightly grip the clear rubber band in between your lips, and blow, short sharp blasts forcing air under the reed. Technique and timing are all important, the fiep being used to draw a buck, so make the sound every now and again in an area you expect to have a buck. The kitz call used in short sharp blasts will create the sense of urgency for the doe to come running.
Check out the instruction video by clicking here…

1 review for Buttolo Reed Call

  1. Karl Bird

    Slightly harder to master than the Blatter and the Cherrywood, but in the right hands this is one of the best out there, sounding much less artificial. It is a loud call, particularly good for deep covers holding muntjac. Slightly temperamental in the pocket, be sure to keep it in the case and all will be well!

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