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Blaser Carbon Fibre Shooting Sticks

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You won’t find a better price!!!

What weighs 985 grams and can make you feel like a kid at Christmas?

Blaser’s latest shooting accessory, The Blaser Carbon Quad Shooting Sticks.

As you would expect, high end materials, well thought out design, great utility, and who doesn’t love carbon fibre!

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We have finally found them, a different set of quad sticks that we’re happy to stand behind!

Plus, you don’t have to own a Blaser rifle to use them!

Blaser bring us their offerings, with high quality parts featured throughout. Strong, simple construction, and tweaks in all the right places. Thought out by hunters and rifle shooters, they take some beating.

They’re light enough to take into the mountains, but they’re steady enough to shoot out to distance.

Supplied with all you will need, including a high quality, rip stop type storage bag with extra storage pockets for the other accessories you may want to carry.

The clever bits…

A hybrid of stability, ergonomics, functionality and passion, they’re a great set of quad sticks. Thanks to the rotatable “pistol grip” on the front legs, your rifle can safely track a crossing target over 20 meters at a range of 100 meters, without moving the feet at all. Should the target go outside that window, simply lean some pressure onto one side of the sticks, lift the other, and reposition your sticks and body onto the next target window.

If you already shoot a Blaser rifle, and have the Blaser bipod receiver installed in your stock, the shooting sticks front U-shaped mount can be removed and the supplied stalk installed, instantly converting them for use with the Blaser bipod receiver.

As quad sticks go, these Blaser quad sticks are great. They’re warmer in the hand than aluminium, designed of quiet, smooth carbon fibre, fitted with sound insulating shrouds, twist lock quick adjust mechanisms on all legs, and solid, one-piece feet.

Setting new standards in terms of weight, ergonomics and functionality thanks to high-quality materials these are the quad sticks for the discerning deer stalker, wether you have a Blaser rifle, or not.

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