See how our deer stalkers kit themselves out?

Brent Norbury


      • Location: Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland
      • Favourite stalking spot: Galloway Hills
      • Most used rifle/cal: Tikka T3 6.5×55

Calls Used:

Nordik Roe, Faulhaber Stag call and Nordik hind.

Kit used:

  • Sako 156gr Hammerhead
  • Meopta scope 3-12×50
  • Aimsport moderator
  • Zeiss 8x45RF binoculars
  • Vorn equipment rucksack.

How long have you been stalking: 7 years.

How did you get into stalking? I was first introduced to deer stalking when I was 13 years old but it wasn’t until I was 17 when I moved to Scotland my interest begun.

Other shooting interests: Fox calling, Moose hunting, wild-fowling and rough shooting.

Calvin Beck (CJBDeer)

      • Location: Wiltshire, UK
      • Favourite stalking spot: Scottish Highlands
      • Most used rifle/cal: SavageArms AccuStalker .243 Win

Calls Used:

Buttolo Blatter, Hubertus Cherrywood

Kit used:

  • Zeiss Binoculars
  • Zeiss Duralyt 3-12×50 Scope
  • Seeland Decoy Quad Sticks
  • IcoTec GC500 Electronic Call

How long have you been stalking:15 years

How did you get into stalking? I was first introduced to Deer Stalking when working in forestry and helping out the deer managers.

Other shooting interests:Rough shooting, Wildfowling, Fox Calling.

Chris Abbott

Chris Abbott Best Deer Call Prostaff

      • Location: Castle Eden, County Durham, NE England
      • Favourite stalking spot: Any of my Woodland stalking grounds at dawn
      • Most used rifle/cal: Blaser R8 Monza in .308

Calls Used:

Buttolo Blatter

Kit used:

  • Viper-Flex sticks
  • Leupold Mojavi 10×42 HD’s
  • Roe sack
  • Real Avid viscera knife
  • Diotto boots
  • Arktis B310 jacket
  • one of my cocker spaniels

How long have you been stalking: I have now been stalking for 26 years with the latter 7 being at a professional level.

How did you get into stalking? I was lucky enough to be born into it with my late father being an avid stalker. This being the case, my first roe came at a relatively young age and I just progressed from there.

Other shooting interests: I enjoy all aspects of shooting, clay busting, pigeons and vermin, fox control, wild-fowling and running my own game shooting syndicate. A couple of European boar hunting trips each season are also something I enjoy.

Emma Perrott


      • Location: Gwent, South Wales
      • Favourite stalking spot: South Shropshire
      • Most used rifle/cal: Ruger .243

Calls Used:

Buttolo Blatter

Kit used:

  • Sako .243 90gr Gamehead
  • Zeiss Diatal scope 8×56
  • Macctecc V2 Moderator
  • Swarovski 8.5x42EL Binoculars


How long have you been stalking: I got involved specifically in deer stalking five years ago. After gaining experience and knowledge from my father and keeper friends I have been stalking in my own right for a few years.

How did you get into stalking? My Father introduced me to shooting, hunting and stalking at a very young age. As I got older, my interest and knowledge grew. Shooting and Stalking is now a big part of my life.

Other shooting interests: Foxing, Wild-Fowling, Wood Pigeon Shooting, Game Shooting, Beating & Picking up

Jamie Allen


      • Location: Ripon, North Yorkshire, Northern England
      • Favourite Stalking Spot: Any mature English woodland at dawn on a warm summer mornings or belly down in the heather of the majestic Scottish hills.
      • Most used stalking rifle/calibre: Custom Tikka T3 in 30-06

Calls used:

Buttolo Blatter, Buttolo Reed, Nordik Roe, Faulhaber set.

Kit Used:

  • Harkila ProHunter
  • Swarovski 8.5×42 EL binoculars
  • Swarovski and Schmidt Zenith scopes
  • Niggeloh Rucksack rifle sling
  • Limulus Quad Shooting Sticks
  • Always have a dog on call

How long have you been stalking: 27 years

How did you get into deer stalking: It was part of my job, I stalked and shot my first and then many more deer as a gamekeeper for Lord Cavendish at Holker Hall Estate in Cumbria.

Other fields sports/shooting interests: Everything going, I’m just as happy sniping rats as I am flogging a small river for wild brown trout. One of my favourite chores is foxing which is a good job seeing as my livelihood counts on it, but probably my greatest shooting activity is driven wild boar, if you have never done it get it put on your bucket list.

Ryan Brentnall (Somerset deerstalking )

Ryan Brentnall Best Deer Call Prostaff

      • Location: Somerset/Devon
      • Favourite stalking spot:Woodland
      • Most used rifle/cal:Tikka T3x 300 Win Mag

Calls Used:

Buttolo Blatter, Buttolo Reed, Nordik Roe, Faulhaber stag call

Kit used:

  • Harkila Pro Hunter X
  • Swarovski 7×42 slc
  • Swarovski 30×75
  • Schmidt & bender 2.5-10×56
  • 3HGR sling
  • Viper-flex quads stick with go-low
  • Wild game trail cams
  • Mike Mcnally custom knife
  • And my GWP

How long have you been stalking: 15 years

How did you get into stalking? I was introduced to deerstalking at 13 by a family friend and continue from there to be in business with him at Somerset deer stalking
Other shooting interests: Fox calling and Plains Game hunting in Africa

Scott an Sionnach (Scott the Fox)

      • Location:Isle of Skye, Hebrides
      • Favourite stalking spot:Skye
      • Most used rifle/cal:Howa .270

Calls Used:

Buttolo Blatter, Scott the Fox Custom Roe call, my hands for Stags.

Kit used:

  • Traditional Hill stalking rifle slip
  • Deer drag
  • Swarovski Binoculars
  • Three draw telescope
  • Richard Eadon knives

How long have you been stalking:25 years

How did you get into stalking?I’ve been a full time gamekeeper and stalker since I was 15.

Other shooting interests:Walked up Woodcock and Grouse shooting, Fox calling.